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Mapping Solutions

By giscenteruser

Designing with AI

On 16, Aug 2012 | In Cartography, Mapping Solutions | By giscenteruser

When I first started working here, I had little to no experience with Adobe Illustrator.  My background has included mostly photoshop work and other art mediums.  I have the ability to grasp onto many concepts very quickly and I learn and seek out my own answers to specific information.  I was introduced to a project called Lot 24, which I have already shared with everyone.  This project was creating a graphic so people could go online, pick out a parking spot or spots that they would like to park at during football games.

My challenge was to create this map using a CAD file, which are basic lines of the lot and all the lots spaces.  We wanted this map to look good and serve the purpose it was created to do.

Throughout the creation of this map, I had to learn the tools that Adobe Illustrator provided and how to use or manipulate them in the ways I needed them to work.  Luckily I had a mentor to teach me shortcuts, and I also watched a lot of videos on  Before learning all of the shortcuts, I had to do everything longhand.

Starting with the CAD file, was not that easy.  I had to go over every line with the pen tool because the person who created the file used numerous lines per every section of the lot lines.  I started simple with the lines and a basic numbering system with no other design aspects.  Eventually I started creating a more in depth parking lot with fill colors and a better system for numbering the parking spaces.  After learning the shortcuts, like how to zoom in and out (control +/-), scrolling or dragging the page left, right, up, down, and diagonal (spacebar click), and zooming on a specific area (control spacebar), this project was done in no time.

I would definitely advise going through the free episodes on because they do teach you how to do specific things that you can apply to almost any other project that you work on in Adobe Illustrator.  Knowing some of the most important or most used shortcuts also helps.  Without watching the videos, or having my mentor I would have struggled trying to finish this proejct.  Also, google has always been a good source to look up a quick piece of information, which always came in handy when I was stuck in a jam.


Written by: Candice Beach