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Custom Business Services

Maps for Reports and Marketing

Maps are ubiquitous in our world today, and your business users want them in reports and easy-to-use dashboards.

But while more than 80 percent of business data contains a geographic component, most organizations don’t take full advantage of it, and they end up creating an “analytics blind spot.” Using mapping visualization with traditional business analytics platforms delivers information more effectively, allowing users to see trends and relationships they would miss in traditional tables and charts.

Maps take reports, marketing materials, and operations analysis to a whole new level through static and dynamic maps. Contact us about custom mapping products for your website or marketing materials.By using our location analytics services you can answer these vital questions


  • Who are my best customers?

  • What do they buy?

  • What else should I know about them?

  • Where can I find more customers like them?

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Location Analytics:

Approximately 80% of all business data are related to location.

If you would like to learn how the PANGEA Studios can help you build a better business

Businesses manage a world of information about sales, customers, inventory, demographic profiles, mailing lists, and so much more. No matter what industry you are in, business success means making wiser decisions faster than your competition. Being able to understand the market and obtain information quickly so you can take fast action is key. The intuitive power of maps often reveals trends, patterns, and opportunities that may not be detected in tabular data alone. Maps are the key to success in business.

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[content_box title=”Spatially Enable Your Business”  toggle=”on” toggle_status=”closed”]With today’s technology-savvy customers are relying on internet map services such as Google and Yahoo! Maps to select the products and services that meet their needs. Spatially-enabling your business makes it quick and easy for clients to find and locate your business.

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