Digital Whitewater Custom Base Map

Digital Whitewater Project

In the age of the Internet and smart phones, a community’s economic development depends on being visible—business and community resources need to be easily “discoverable” on those new technologies The goal of the “Digital Whitewater” project is to literally put Whitewater on the map and allow residents and customers to easily find the businesses and assets of the community.

Whitewater Historic Landmarks Guide

The Whitewater Landmarks Commission handles all business concerned with the cities local landmarks, they recently released a new brochure highlighting tall the landmarks. they also realized the need in this technology driven age to have a mobile and web version on the brochure. In concert with the brochure we created this Story Map about the local historic landmarks throughout the city of whitewater.


WCEDA Mapping Application

This custom web map for the WEDCA highlights the cities of walworth county and their respective demographic variables such as income, age, and workforce numbers.The end result of the map would be integrated into the WCEDA’s website to improve functionality of their organization.

Garbage Truck

MDPW Routing Pilot

Data Requirements Roads and alleys line shapefiles for the city Attribute information for streets (speed limits, oneways,etc) ArcGIS Network Analyst extension Milwaukee Department of Public Works Routing Solution In coordination with Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW), PANGEA Studios will use provided streets, alley, trash cart, and curb cut data to establish procedures required to …

Snow Plow


We previously created and had access to GIS data for the parking lots and other impervious surfaces on campus.In order for the tool to be editable a field was added to define the status of the parking lot as “unplowed” or “plowed”. The parking lot shapefile was put into a SDE (Spatial Database Engine) on our ArcServer to allow for community based edits to occur.

Yonn Ede Lot (YEL) is a not-for-profit organization that helps the people of LaMontange, Haiti with their economy, agriculture, education, relief, manufacturing, and public health in a way that is "Haitian". Using ESRI’s Story Map Tour Template, the final product is an interactive web map that includes all the information of a spreadsheet but in a geographical and visual form that provides effective interpretation.

Yonn Ede Lot Achievements Web Map

Yonn Ede Lot (YEL) is a not-for-profit organization that helps the people of La Montange, Haiti with their economy, agriculture, education, relief, manufacturing, and public health in a way that is “Haitian”. YEL is based in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and works with six organizations based in Haiti.


Flood Preparedness Tools

Ninety percent of federal disaster declarations are for flood events. Response and recovery costs can be extremely high, so where risks are apparent it makes sense to take actions that prevent damage from occurring. If flood damage cannot be fully prevented, there may be mitigation techniques that lessen the damage. Flooding can be from high …

We mapped this Campus

Map My University

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater did not have much of a presence on Google Maps. Google tasked students across the country and in Canada to improve the maps of the campuses as we competed using Google Map Maker. Each map was judged by Google Map Technicians based on certain criteria.


Reserve Officer Training Corps

The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater’s ROTC team’s current maps had no land navigation information on their existing land navigation training areas.

Lot 24

Perkins Stadium Parking Maps

This project was developed to aide in the sales of season ticket parking for the UW Whitewater home football games.


Standard Process

The Challenge: Standard Process is a company that produces whole food supplements in Palmyra, Wisconsin. They provide high quality, safe, and effective dietary supplements to help improve the life of their consumers. Pangea studios wanted to help the Standard Process marketing department by mapping out crucial demographic factors to help them target their likely audience. …

Drive Time Analysis

Qdoba Delivery Range Expansion

This project provided Corporate office with the data needed to expand the stores free delivery range and add over 700 new potential customers.

App Snapshot

Campus Accessibility

On any student’s first day here at UW-Whitewater there will be difficulty navigating campus. This is especially true for students with disabilities. These students have no idea where some barriers are located so this tool was created to solve this problem.


Walworth County Economic Development

The challenge was to create a set of infographics that highlighted the proximity and prosperity of the County in order to retain and attract new development.

Janesville Crime Density

Crime Mapping

Rock County Correctional Services wanted to be able to visualize the distribution of adolescent crime incidents in order to deploy Law Enforcement resources more effectively across the County.

Campus Digital Restore

Campus Print Map Digital Restore

The challenge was to create a visually consistent and updated map for the UW-Whitewater campus that reflected the changes that had occurred on campus since the creation of the last map while maintaining the continuity of the existing reference tool


Building a Better Brownfield

Brownfields are abandoned, underutilized land. A brownfield up-rise can be detrimental to an economy surrounding a brownfield. The return on investment (ROI) is significant as shown in this map. This tool to assess’ property value increase by economic development in existing brownfield sites.


Beat the Heat

The deadly heat waves this summer created a need for people to know where they could go to escape the heat. This application allows people to search their location and find the nearest public cooling center location.