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Standard Process

The Challenge:

Standard Process is a company that produces whole food supplements in Palmyra, Wisconsin.  They provide high quality, safe, and effective dietary supplements to help improve the life of their consumers.  Pangea studios wanted to help the Standard Process marketing department by mapping out crucial demographic factors to help them target their likely audience.

The Solution:

We sat down with a team from Standard Process to help brainstorm how we can make their marketing more effective and efficient.  To solve this we plan on mapping out key demographic factors which describe their target audience. After a thorough analysis we will be able to spot patterns in the research that could lead us to better define their target market.  This will give them a better visual estimation as to areas that need to be hit harder from their marketing and sales departments.

 The Results:

After our analysis of the demographic factors Standard Process we found many different patterns about their new potential target market.  We were able to devise some assumptions about their potential consumers that helped us to find new target areas.  After we found the crucial demographic factors that defined their new audience, we created a model that combined the top three factors.  This model was important because it exposed the areas with the highest probability of prospective customers using the three most important demographic ingredients.  This helped us to draw more conclusions about the new market which was extremely helpful for Standard Process’ marketing department.