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Water quality



In Water quality

By Eric Compas

Initial analysis of Testing the Waters data

On 02, Oct 2016 | In Water quality | By Eric Compas

For the latest Rock River Coalition newsletter, I finally got around to doing an initial analysis of the Testing the Waters data that we collected over 11 days of paddling. The full article is available here: Testing the Waters: What did we learn?

What was particularly innovative about our project was the continuous and detailed spatial sample of the river that we were able to collect. Here’s an example of one of the profiles for dissolved oxygen (click to enlarge and read the text):

Dissolved oxygen (mg/L)

Dissolved oxygen (mg/L)

Conductivity (uS/cm) and P (mg/L)

Conductivity (uS/cm) and P (mg/L)


For the spatial context, refer to this Testing the Water’s map:

Testing the Waters Float Map

Testing the Waters Float Map