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Who we are

Head honchos

Photo of Eric Compas
Eric Compas Director and Professor GIS CenterDepartment of Geography, Geology, and Environmental Sciences
Work Phone: 262-472-5126

Research staff

No Photo Available
Kristen Barman GIS Analyst University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterGIS Center


Photo of Eric Passler
Eric Passler GIS Analyst University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterGIS Center


Photo of Jessi Atkinson
Jessi Atkinson Geo-spatial Analyst Northrop Grumman
Photo of Luke A Beringer
Luke A Beringer GIS Technician – Floodplain Mapping University of Wisconsin WhitewaterGIS Center
Photo of Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman GIS Analyst II Ruekert & Mielke Civil Engineering
Photo of Brandon Bockrath
Brandon Bockrath GIS Technician Nicor Gas
Photo of Karl Brandstaetter
Karl Brandstaetter Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF)
Photo of Candice Breach
Candice Breach American Marketing & Publishing, LLC
Photo of Tyler Caulum
Tyler Caulum Associate Planner/Economic Development Expediter City of Manitowoc
Photo of Cerina Colon
Cerina Colon Frisco Adventure Park
No Photo Available
Breanna Crane Student researcher UW-WhitewaterGIS Center
Photo of Alyssa Daubs
Alyssa Daubs Graphic Designer Tingalls Graphic Design, LLC
Photo of Patrick Empey
Patrick Empey GIS Specialist City of Madison
Photo of Julie Esenther
Julie Esenther Graphic Designer
Photo of Kyle Freeman
Kyle Freeman IT Systems Support
Photo of Steve Horvatin
Steve Horvatin Web/application programmer
Photo of Mike Hutchinson
Mike Hutchinson Data Processor Road View
Photo of Cole Isenberger
Cole Isenberger Application Development Specialist Northwestern Mutual
Photo of Hagen Kaczmarek
Hagen Kaczmarek Environmental Scientist Wenck Associates, Inc.
Photo of Aaron King
Aaron King Geospatial Technician Continental Mapping
Photo of Lance Kohls
Lance Kohls UDC, Inc.
Photo of Amanda Kretschmer
Amanda Kretschmer Cartographer/GIS & Real Estate Specialist Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Photo of Jonathan Kult
Jonathan Kult Water Resources Specialist and GIS Analyst Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Photo of Nicholas Lazarides
Nicholas Lazarides GIS Programmer/Analyst Resource Data Inc.
Photo of Thor F. Manson
Thor F. Manson GIS Student Analyst UW-WhitewaterGIS Center
Photo of Alyssa McClain
Alyssa McClain GIS Asset Management Coordinator City of Peoria
No Photo Available
Jesse J. Moran GIS Technician – Floodplain Mapping UW WhitewaterGIS Center
Photo of Kyle Bob Mullens
Kyle Bob Mullens Web Developer
Photo of Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson Software Developer Epic
Photo of Erin Olshefski
Erin Olshefski Staff Data/GIS Analyst Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Photo of Dan Pastori
Dan Pastori Co-Founder, Software Architect 521 Dimensions
Photo of Casey Poff
Casey Poff Field Systems Operator Roadview
Photo of Justin Porst
Justin Porst GIS Analyst UDC, Inc.
Photo of Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly GIS Technician Wind Lake Solutions
Photo of Michael Smith
Michael Smith Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Photo of Jeffrey Smyczek
Jeffrey Smyczek Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) GIS Analyst
Photo of Jacob Strohm
Jacob Strohm Grad student, meteorology Northern Illinois University
Photo of Adam Szafran
Adam Szafran Groundwater Team Leader Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc. (EMT)
Photo of Tyler Tomaszewski
Tyler Tomaszewski Wisconsin Public Service Commission
No Photo Available
Porter Vande Voort GPS Field Technician
No Photo Available
Katelyn Waldenmaier GIS Analyst/Cartographer UW-WhitewaterGIS Center
Photo of Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf Planning Intern Rock County
No Photo Available
Jon Wright Cartographer
Photo of Shane Wulf
Shane Wulf Watershed Project Coordinator Black Hawk SWCD