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UWW campus map

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Elkhorn GPS mapping

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sUAS vegetation mapping

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sUAS training

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Testing the Waters

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WEDC Impact Map

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Water quality mapping

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Comparing water array with conventional unit (YSI Professional Plus)

2nd October 2016 By Eric Compas

One of the requirements of the Testing the Waters’s grant with WI DNR was to conduct a comparison of our array with a conventional, trusted unit. We finally got access to a professional-grade unit, a YSI Professional Plus (thanks Dr. Dale Splinter!). This unit is around $3,000 for the dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, and pH probes that it has with it.

Here’s a link to the full analysis: Comparison of array with YSI unit. Read more…

Initial analysis of Testing the Waters data

2nd October 2016 By Eric Compas

For the latest Rock River Coalition newsletter, I finally got around to doing an initial analysis of the Testing the Waters data that we collected over 11 days of paddling. The full article is available here: Testing the Waters: What did we learn? Read more…

sUAS vegetation mapping: Dean’s Advisory Board poster session

30th September 2016 By Jeff Smyczek

As part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), I am obligated to present my research at multiple poster sessions throughout the year including the Fall and Spring Undergraduate Research Days. I had never presented at a poster session before and was experiencing the uncertainty that goes along with doing something for the first time. How do I fit a whole summer’s worth of information onto a poster? How are these posters typically formatted? Who will I have to present my research to? Well, with help from the UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Program (URP), ideas on these questions started circulating through my head. With help from Dr. Compas, I put together a poster that reflects the progress I have made on my research project and uncertainties were clarified.
Read more…