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New “survey grade” GPS equipment

6th December 2016 By Eric Compas

For many of our mapping projects and contracts, from mapping storm sewers to electrical networks, we’ve needed more accuracy than our “resource grade” Trimble GPS units can provide. This has been particularly true for our UAV imagery. Since we’re producing images with resolution of between 1-5 cm, we need ground control that’s as accurate or better than this resolution. Our Trimble units under ideal conditions can provide 15-30 cm horizontal accuracy — not good enough. Plus, we’re hearing more about local government units purchasing higher-accuracy devices which our students need exposure to. Read more…

Yellowstone area field trip

21st November 2016 By Eric Compas

As part of my research sabbatical this year, I’ve recently returned from the first of two research trips to the Yellowstone region. The goal of this trip was to visit the archives at both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to collect information about ecosystem management and private lands and to acquire more information from the US Forest Service about their acquisition and exchange of private lands. I was able to collect over a 1,000 pages of archive documentation on the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee, the parks’ role in ecosystem management and influencing adjacent private lands, and related correspondence. For the GIS analysis, I was successful in acquiring data from the USFS to recreate forest ownership for the last 40-50 years.

Read more…

Comparing water array with conventional unit (YSI Professional Plus)

2nd October 2016 By Eric Compas

One of the requirements of the Testing the Waters’s grant with WI DNR was to conduct a comparison of our array with a conventional, trusted unit. We finally got access to a professional-grade unit, a YSI Professional Plus (thanks Dr. Dale Splinter!). This unit is around $3,000 for the dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, and pH probes that it has with it.

Here’s a link to the full analysis: Comparison of array with YSI unit. Read more…