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Upgraded GIS Center servers (move to HTTPS)

11th May 2018 By Eric Compas

Hey, it seems like a small thing, but we’ve recently completed a substantial effort to upgrade our server environmental and migrate to HTTPS on all our operations. Everything should be up and running now. Please let us know if you find anything that’s broken 😉

2017 Region 3 Soils Competition

24th October 2017 By Thor Manson

In early October the GIS Center was asked to produce detailed site maps for the 2017 Soils Competition in Jefferson County hosted by UW-Whitewater. These maps utilized the latest high-resolution LIDAR-based elevation models from Jefferson County which helped students better assess the types of soils at their dig sites and determine the soils’ origins.

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New project and hires

3rd October 2017 By gis_admin

We’ve just been awarded a contract with Jefferson County, Wisconsin, to map structures in new FEMA floodplain maps.

Floodplain structure mapping

Example of building footprint delineation

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