Granting Dataset Privileges in ArcMap with PostgreSQL

While deploying and configuring our newest geodatabase, I was tasked with setting up user login information for each employee on the PANGEA team, rather than simply sharing the superuser login. As someone who worked with creating users, setting up user groups, and granting access/edit/deletion privileges for databases in classes previously, I assumed the task would …

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Enable layer toggleing using Javascript

Steps to making a layer in a legend turn on and off: *IMPORTANT: anything that is labeled with an asterisk doesn’t get put into the coding. 1. In the script tag next to the other dojo.require(…) Make sure to add: dojo.require(“dijit.form.CheckBox”); dojo.require(“esri.dijit.Popup”); dojo.require(“esri.layers.FeatureLayer”); 2. In the var template inside the Function InIt(){ Example “ var …

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Business Innovation through Mapping

The Wisconsin Business Incubation Association (WBIA) specializes in supporting the success of small business start-ups in the region by managing and developing entrepreneurial companies and helping them to survive, grow, and become stable companies that create jobs and strengthen local economies. A screen shot of the editor is seen here

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Adding Alleys to Your Roads File That do not Connect.

The following are steps used to connect your existing roads data to collected alleys in order to create a fully route able network data set. Load your road and alleys files into a new geodatabase, and create a new feature data set containing the roads and alleys feature classes. Set up some attributes in both the roads and alleys files that will …

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MDPW: Analyzing Garbage District Routes and Cart Capacities

GIS is intended to be utilized to provide solutions to spatial problems. Vehicle routing is a spatial problem, with garbage routing being a classic example. Recently, the studio undertook the project of assisting Milwaukee Department of Public Works in creating a network dataset to efficiently route their garbage trucks that service over 190,000 households. A …

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